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3 Redesign Proposals Presented by NYC DOT
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While improvements to McGuinness Boulevard are greatly desired and needed,

Make McGuinness Safe is biased with no sincere examination of the impact this proposal will have on our side streets, residents and the hundreds of local businesses who have been committed to our area for decades.

Reducing McGuinness Blvd. to two lanes will push business and jobs out of Greenpoint. Many businesses have spoken out about the economic impact of diminishing McGuinness Boulevard with Assemblymember Emily Gallagher and Councilmember Lincoln Restler. Unfortunately, these politicians have put the interests of their donors above the best interests of the community as a whole.

Reducing McGuinness Boulevard to two lanes will:


  • Divert considerable truck and car traffic to quiet, narrow, one-way residential streets flanking McGuinness Blvd.  

  • Create extended back-up congestion on McGuinness Blvd. itself.  

  • Harm small businesses by making their storefronts and worksites less accessible for day-to-day needs/deliveries, and impede access for workers, owners and customers.  

  • Harm our local middle-class residents by driving away the union jobs and large employers of North Greenpoint that have been here for decades.

  • Create delays for NYPD, FDNY and EMT’s while responding locally to emergencies and/or transporting patients to hospitals – none of which are nearby.        


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