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Keep McGuinness Moving advocates for safety improvements along McGuinness Blvd. while preserving all four traffic lanes and parking.

We believe infrastructure is an essential service for the community as a whole. McGuinness Blvd. is a part of our community and our great city!

Make McGuinness Safe (MMS) is a coalition created in 2021 after beloved P.S. 110 teacher, Matthew Jensen, was killed in a hit-and-run incident on McGuinness Boulevard. They proposed a redesign centered on a “road diet,” which would reduce the number of traffic lanes on McGuinness. MMS' ultimate goal is to widen sidewalks, install bike lanes, and remove a lane in each direction.  Make McGuinness Safe produced videos showing NYS Assembly Member Emily Gallagher and City Council Member Lincoln Restler endorsing a “vision” of McGuinness Blvd that thoroughly aligns with that of the powerful lobbying group Transportation Alternatives. Transportation Alternatives is an anti-car, bike-centric group with a stated mission to “reclaim New York City’s streets from the automobile” and is funded by major corporations such as Uber, Lyft, Blackrock, TwoTrees, Steve Hindy of Brooklyn Brewery (sits on the board of North Brooklyn Parks Alliance which has closed down Berry St., N.15th St., Bedford Ave., Driggs Ave. and Russell St.) and Amazon – not by longtime residents and ordinary citizens of Greenpoint and Williamsburg. ​

$39 million dollars has been allocated to NYS Assembly Member District Emily Gallagher and NYC Council Member Lincoln Restler to see that McGuinness Boulevard is redesigned.

There has been limited outreach to the community, business owners, and local residents about these proposed changes. The DOT is under the impression that the neighborhood is in favor of a "road diet", or lane reduction, which reduces the number of traffic or parking lanes on each side of the street in order to install bike lanes and limit traffic. Groups such as Make McGuinness Safe have expressed strong advocacy of a "road diet" and allege that many businesses and residents support their initiative. However, there are a myriad of community members that are in opposition of the changes proposed seeing as how they will significantly affect thousands of people and hundreds of businesses.


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