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Sign up to speak at the next CB1 Transportation Committee Meeting!

Brooklyn Community Board 1 has just announced that the Transportation Committee will be holding a meeting next Thursday, June 22nd. In the public portion of the meeting, PS 110 PTA Safety Streets Committee (Chair, Chris Roberti) will be discussing a survey report on saftey concerns local to PS 110.

The PTA Safety Streets Committee has the public session of a CB1 meeting dedicated to discuss their concerns, but there have been zero meetings held to hear the concerns of local business owners and residents, many of whom are parents as well.

We encourage anyone who has been ignored and uninformed by the NYC DOT and CB1 about the McGuinness Boulevard Redesign to speak during the public session. There are many alternative solutions to ensuring the safety of everyone who uses McGuinness, and those have not been mentioned, implemented, or surveyed. Let the Committee members hear your thoughts and ideas! It is the Board's job to listen, note, and relay concerns from members of the community.

Please use the link below to sign up to speak at the 6/15 Meeting.

*For the agenda item #, put 1

*For the name of the committee, put Transportation


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